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Most people think that maintaining a healthy diet is about eating less or starving. But it’s completely different than that. When you hear a professional say that you need a diet change, they actually mean for you to eat more nutritional and healthier foods. In short, you should start to eat more green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

But most people don’t do that; they start by eating less, much less, than what their body need to function. And that’s when your body starts to show signs that you’re not eating enough.

Here Are Some of the Signs That Show Up On Your Body

Hair Loss

This is one of the most significant and initial signs of getting less nutrition. When you eat less, your hair receives less nutrition. This means you will start to notice more hair in your hairbrush. You will also begin to see hair damage, and rough, and dull hair. No amount of organic shampoos or hair oils can save you from it. Only by changing your diet can you restore your hair condition.

Hair Loss

Skin Issues

That’s right! Not only your hair but your skin also suffers from your diet restrictions. Your skin might start to get dull and get damaged by inflammation and UV exposure. Also, your skin might get dry and scaly, especially your lips. Your skin tissue would be the first to get affected as a result.

Constant Craving

Because you are eating less, you will always be hungry and crave junk food. Studies have shown that your appetite and cravings increase when your body goes under drastic calorie reduction. Doesn’t matter if you are overweight; your body will crave to have more food. As a result, when you will finally eat, you might end up eating foods that are bad for your health and weight loss journey.

On the other hand, if you remain on a healthy diet, you will not crave unhealthy food, and you can reach your goal faster.


Insomnia or sleep deprivation is also another telltale sign of not getting enough nutrition. Strict dieting can lead to sleep problems because your body is always in starvation mode. You may jolt up from your sleep, wake up hungry, or feel tired after waking up.

Mood Swings

Along with the physical signs, your body will also show mental or emotional signs of your drastic diet restriction. You may start to get irritated by your surroundings, people you love, during work hours, etc. Not only is that, feeling anxious and depressed is also connected to poor eating habits.

You might start to freak out on your loved ones, friends, and family and lose interest in everything. Visit a nutritionist today to recover from such issues. It’s not easy to maintain a balanced diet always, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. But you need to ensure to have more nutritional food than your favourite junk food. And if you think you might have eating disorders, you should seek professional support to get over it.

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